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SMAC 2.0 is a network utility for Windows computers
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SMAC is a network utility for Windows computers. This application is the most popular solution for tampering with your MAC address. A MAC address is a set of numbers and letters. Ideally, a MAC address should be unique to a single device. In other words, your computer's network card and your router should not have the same address. But SMAC makes changing MAC addresses a breeze. At start-up, the application shows you your IP address and your active MAC address. You can then proceed to change that address to anything you want. The graphical user interface is well designed to help you cope with more than one network device on your computer. Usually an Ethernet and a wireless adapter coexist in current PC systems. There are two features that help the user gather as much information as possible about their network devices. The first one is a built-in IPCONFIG, which allows users to practically know anything there is to know about their devices. Also, there is support for MAC address lists. You can preload any number of MAC addresses into a text list and the application will then allow you to switch among them. Usually, one would spoof (or change) his MAC address if he were to trick other devices into thinking a network adapter is a router, for example. Nevertheless, I don't know an easier way to do this. The free version of SMAC only allows you to manage active adapters and does not allow you to change MAC addresses to your liking.

José Fernández
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  • Not the cheapest alternative
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